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Advertising:: Does a truck make you more handsome?

Chevrolet campaign

31.10.2014 (9:00 am) – RSS :: Advertising ::


Chevrolet Chevy Colorado campaign goes viral.


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Brands:: Bic Biros promote handwriting using global crowdsourced content

What would the world's handwriting look like, superimposed, letter by letter? theuniversaltypeface.com seeks to fine out

18.06.2014 (9:00 am) – RSS :: Brands ::

Like this, clever idea.

Bic, the makers of the Bic Biro, have created a campaign to examine what would be the universal typeface should we ask people all over the world to contribute their own handwriting.

The Un

Taking each letter, one by one, on a mobile device, contributors are asked to submit their own handwritten letters of the alphabet along with a socio-demographic profile.

Crowdsourcing the content, participants are asked to use their mobile device to each letter randomly – and feedback is given at the end on the size and height, comparative to those already submitted.

Bic - The Universal Typeface

Where this would  be really interesting is if this was a global activity, taking into account all the other languages and scripts.

Much better idea from Bic that the comfortable pink pens for women, the much ridiculed campaign of old.



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Planning:: What is an insight

Definitions of insights

16.06.2014 (9:00 am) – RSS :: Planning ::

Interesting presentation from Umar Ghumman on planning.


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:: SugarSync: How you demolish a brand with one simple email

alex@sugarsync email fiasco will come to haunt SugarSync

06.03.2014 (9:00 am) – RSS :: Technology ::

I too have received the ‘Ales’ email: this is the email I received  out of the blue from’Alex. Whether they, however,  are still at working SugarSync today is questionable.

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Are your agency conference calls just like this ….

A real life parody

30.01.2014 (9:00 am) – RSS :: Agencies ::

We spend so much time on conference calls that this parody sums them up …


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Technology:: Phonebloks – Solving First World Problems


17.09.2013 (9:00 am) – RSS :: Technology ::

I like this – a novel approach to solving the First World problem of recycling nearly new tech gadgetry. In this instance, it is how we could upgrade our mobile phones using a modular approach to manufacture. The argument is convincing, though the approach is basic – but does raise interesting questions.



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Marketing:: Colgate £169.99 #brushswap campaign overwhelmed by demand

5am commuters snap up the 150 allocated brushes

11.07.2013 (9:00 am) – RSS :: Marketing ::

The Colgate #brushswap campaign has hit the social media headlines for all the wrong reasons. The offer to swap your electric toothbrush for a new Colgate ProClinical A1500 toothbrush retailing at £169.99.

This caused National Rail to suspend the campaign on Health and Safety grounds – at both Waterloo London station and Victoria London Station as consumers arrived from 5am to collect one of the, now known, 150 units that were only allocated per day.

The campaign had been prepped across a range of media including Twitter:


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Technology: The internet of things is evolving

GE and the egg tray

05.07.2013 (8:00 am) – RSS :: Technology ::

When shopping, how important is it to know how many eggs are in your fridge? Probably more so when you buy another six to find you’re already stocked; or you don’t buy and then find you’ve none. Not a big issue though really – but the technology around this new internet of things enabled egg tray, linked wirelessly to the cloud, is the start of how we will all be interacting with technology in years to come.

Granted this is a bulky item – and clunky: do you want another app and one just for your egg count? But the focus and direction of how technology can make our lives even easier is what interests me. The privacy issue also concerns me.



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