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:: SugarSync: How you demolish a brand with one simple email

alex@sugarsync email fiasco will come to haunt SugarSync

06.03.2014 (9:00 am) – RSS :: Technology ::

:: Tech

I too have received the ‘Ales’ email: this is the email I received  out of the blue from’Alex. Whether they, however,  are still at working SugarSync today is questionable.

alex@sugarsync.com email fiasco

I’ve attempted to login but to no avail: my account has been deleted.  I’m waiting to see if there is a response to my email.

07.03.14 :: Update

A C-level Executive made contact with me overnight to provide a company explanation as to what has occurred.  The platform, it was explained, can not sustain free accounts users in perpetuity, and a process was put in place to close these accounts and purge the data. My account was one of these. Whether the email notifications advising me of this arrived in my inbox is a moot point – I don’t spend a lot of time looking in my spam folder – so the one that did make it was the ‘Alex from SugarSync’ one above.

My data has been purged – it was cold storage data only and backed-up elsewhere. The point though here is the reliance we all have on cloud storage and the effect this can ave when correct procedures are not in place when the platform ceases to exist for whatever reason.



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Are your agency conference calls just like this ….

A real life parody

30.01.2014 (9:00 am) – RSS :: Agencies ::


We spend so much time on conference calls that this parody sums them up …


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Technology:: Phonebloks – Solving First World Problems


17.09.2013 (9:00 am) – RSS :: Technology ::


I like this – a novel approach to solving the First World problem of recycling nearly new tech gadgetry. In this instance, it is how we could upgrade our mobile phones using a modular approach to manufacture. The argument is convincing, though the approach is basic – but does raise interesting questions.



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Marketing:: Colgate £169.99 #brushswap campaign overwhelmed by demand

5am commuters snap up the 150 allocated brushes

11.07.2013 (9:00 am) – RSS :: Marketing ::

The Colgate #brushswap campaign has hit the social media headlines for all the wrong reasons. The offer to swap your electric toothbrush for a new Colgate ProClinical A1500 toothbrush retailing at £169.99.

This caused National Rail to suspend the campaign on Health and Safety grounds – at both Waterloo London station and Victoria London Station as consumers arrived from 5am to collect one of the, now known, 150 units that were only allocated per day.

The campaign had been prepped across a range of media including Twitter:


more »

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Technology: The internet of things is evolving

GE and the egg tray

05.07.2013 (8:00 am) – RSS :: Technology ::

When shopping, how important is it to know how many eggs are in your fridge? Probably more so when you buy another six to find you’re already stocked; or you don’t buy and then find you’ve none. Not a big issue though really – but the technology around this new internet of things enabled egg tray, linked wirelessly to the cloud, is the start of how we will all be interacting with technology in years to come.

Granted this is a bulky item – and clunky: do you want another app and one just for your egg count? But the focus and direction of how technology can make our lives even easier is what interests me. The privacy issue also concerns me.



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Inspiration:: Kuler – bringing colour pallets together

An Adobe platform for designers

04.07.2013 (9:00 am) – RSS :: Inspiration ::

This is really simple and the reason I really like it. Selecting colour pallets that work within the visual environment can be really assisted using Kuler.

I’ve used and recommended it across a number of creative projects – there are others but this is the platform of choice.


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The history of advertising …

A SlideShare review

04.07.2013 (9:00 am) – RSS :: Advertising ::

This is a neat round-up of the history of advertising, albeit a long SlideShare presentation. There facts and opinions galore – interesting to review. Created by HubSpot


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The Open Shop (A Loja Vazia) charity project

Campaign by Loducca agency, Brazil

04.07.2013 (7:00 am) – RSS :: Experiential ::

This is a really clever and creative pop-up campaign – created for a charity to clothe the homeless in Sao Paulo, Brazil by agency Loducca.

Somewhat unique is that the experiential project has been turned open-source – so the creative is being made available ot other parties wish want to replicate the initiative.

[Non flash link]


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